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Design, Fabrication and Performance Test of Axial Flow Hydro Turbine

Article Category: Mechanical Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33663

Pages: 165-173

Author: Nandar Win,Myat Myat Soe,Aung Myat Thu,War War Min Swe


Hydropower is the source of renewable energy for more than a century leading to a decrease in the burning of fossil fuels which has an effect on the environment. The axial flow hydro turbine is placed for a small water flow rate and the low head application. Axial flow hydro turbine consists of guide vane mounted in the stationary casing and blades connected on the hub. Axial flow hydro turbine consists of four runner blades, the number of guide vane is 6 and the guide vane angle is 73˚. In this research, the available head and flow rate are 3.4 m and 0.14 m3/sec. Hydrofoil shape of runner blade selected NACA 6412 and modeling the blade geometry used SolidWorks software. In this research, the modal of the axial flow hydro turbine is made with thermoplastic filament material due to produce easily. The turbine assembly was tested with various water velocities at Lon Town Irrigation Channel in Madayar Township, Myanmar. Experimental results of turbine shaft power and generator output power are also estimated in this research. The maximum turbine shaft power and generator output power are observed 3.66 kW and 3 kW at a volume flow rate of 0.15 m3/s.

Keyword: NACA 6412, Axial Flow Turbine, Water Velocities, Shaft Power, Generator Output Power.

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