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Job Satisfaction as a Mediating of Leadership Style and Organizational Culture on Employee Performance of Togamas Discount Bookstore, Indonesia

Article Category: Management Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2020.33677

Pages: 15-22

Author: Ida Bagus Sidhi Wirtama,Junianto Tjahjo Darsono,Tanto Gatot Sumarsono

Abstract: This study aimed to describe the style of leadership, organizational culture, job satisfaction, and employee performance. In addition, this study also aimed to analyze influence leadership style and organizational culture on employee performance through job satisfaction. Respondents were employees Togamas Discount Bookstore in poor regions. The population in this study were 55 employees Corporate Discount Bookstore Togamas in poor, the data collection method used was census by using the entire amount of the population as a sample. Technical analysis was made using a descriptive analysis method, the classical assumption test, test hypotheses and methods of multivariate statistical analysis of completed pathways using linear regression techniques with SPSS statistical software. The results showed that job satisfaction status as a mediating variable that can mediate variables of leadership style and organizational culture on employee performance. Participatory leadership style, attention to accuracy, co-workers, and the ability to cooperate become an important indicator, Employee performance can be built if the employee is satisfied with the leadership styles applied in the company and the company has a good organizational culture.

Keyword: Leadership Style, Organizational Culture, Job Satisfaction, Employee Performance.

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