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Fuzzy-Based Obstacle Avoidance Control of Mobile Robots Using 3D Camera

Article Category: Mechanical Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2020.33678

Pages: 23-31

Author: Mi Mi Myint Phu,Yin Yin Aye,Aung Myat San

Abstract: This research develops a novel method of generating the velocities of the right and left motors of the two-wheeled mobile robot base on the distances of the detected objects according to the image processing technique using the Fuzzy Logic Controller for obstacle avoiding system. The aim of this research is to build a controller for avoiding some obstacles with distance information obtained from the 3D camera or depth sensor which is mounted on a mobile robot.  This sensor is used in this study due to its double integrated sensor, namely vision and distance. The fuzzy controller is designed for obstacles avoiding the system to control the mobile robot. The position of the obstacle is generated by using a contour operation on a captured image, together with a Canny edge detector and morphological operation. The distance between the robot and the obstacle is obtained from a depth frame. According to these data, the velocities of the left and right motors of the two-wheel-drive mobile robot are generated from the fuzzy controller. The effectiveness of the proposed approach was verified through several experiments.

Keyword: Image-Based Visual Serving, Fuzzy Logic Controller, Obstacle Avoidance, Trajectory Generation, Velocity Generation

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