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Investigation of the Functional Performance Properties and Anti-microbial Behavior of Sports Socks Knitted from Eco-Friendly Materials

Article Category: Engineering Technology

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2020.33680

Pages: 59-76

Author: S. A. El Tantawy,R.A.M. Abd El-Hady ,A. M. M. el Said Qandeel

Abstract: The material components of the sports sock provide; impact protection, injury avoidance, anti-frictional, absorption and anti-bacterial properties. The quality of socks can vary depending on many factors. These can be summarized as the type and properties of the used yarns, knitting conditions and machine properties, finishing method and the used finishing materials and the form giving operation applied on socks. With the growing demand for more com­fortable, healthier and environmentally friendly products, efforts in research and development in the textile industry have focused on the utilization of renewable and biodegradable resources.  This study comprised an experimental investigation to determine the functional performance properties and anti-microbial behavior of socks manufactured using not only traditional cotton or polyester yarns but also yarns made of new kinds of eco-friendly fibers like bamboo. This paper studies the influence of different sports socks compositions on the functional performance properties and anti-microbial behavior of knitted fabrics made of two types of structures ( Rib- Jersey) knitted from elstane yarns with eco- friendly fibers effect. The results demonstrated that all tested properties influenced by both material and knitted structure parameters. These findings are an important tool in the design of healthy comfortable sports socks.

Keyword: Anti-microbial Behavior, Eco-Friendly Materials, Functional Performance Properties, Hosiery Machines.

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