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The Effect of Financial Technology, Demography, and Financial Literacy on Financial Management Behavior of Productive Age in Surabaya, Indonesia

Article Category: Management Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2020.33604

Pages: 77-81

Author: Ahmad Humaidi,Muhammad Khoirudin,Ainun Riska Adinda,Achmad Kautsar

Abstract: This study aims to examine the effect of financial technology, demographics, and financial literacy on the financial decision making of the productive age population in Surabaya. The type of research is quantitative and conclusive in the form of causality. The data used are primary data obtained from the questionnaire. The population which is used as much as 180 respondents was selected by way of judgmental sampling. The characteristics of respondents are the productive age population in Surabaya who has income and work. Mechanical analysis of the use of researchers is an analysis of regression doubled by using SPSS software version 20. Results of the study showed that the variables demographics are proxied by type of sex, income, and age did not influence on the financial management behavior in the population age productive in Surabaya. Whereas Financial Technology and Financial Literacy have a significant positive effect on Financial Management Behavior in the productive age population in Surabaya

Keyword: Financial Technology, Demographics, Financial Literacy, Financial Management Behavior.

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