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Interpretation of Magnetic Data for the Determination of Geological Structures in Southern Part of the Cuvette-Centrale Sedimentary Basin

Article Category: Physics

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2020.33594

Pages: 145-155

Author: Tondozi Keto,Stanislas Maneno Saidi,Serge Kambale Bahati,Joseph Munezero Ntibahanana,Jonathan Matadi Ndombasi

Abstract: The Democratic Republic of Congo is willing to develop its natural underground resources insight to increase its economy. To this end, the oil and gas potential of its sedimentary basins is now the new target. Into the Cuvette-centrale sedimentary basin several exploration works were carried out since 1950s. Among these works, we have the magnetic survey done in 1980 year which provided us the data used in this paper. The source rocks, as well as the potential reservoir rocks and some oil seeps that have been recognized in this gigantic basin, encourage researchers to find favorable geological structures for the accumulation of hydrocarbons in this sedimentary basin. Indeed, it is for this purpose that we have been interested to determine the regional geological structures in the southern part of this basin from magnetic data. After analysis, processing, and interpretation of the data, it found that the Kutu, Oshwe, Bagata, Bulungu and Idiofa areas contain geological structures contributing to the confirmation of the existence of an active petroleum system. Concretely, on one hand, and from the shape of the crystalline basement we arrived to determine several faults and folds that can be taken as the excellent hydrocarbon traps and on the other hand, ditches that are privileged and favorable environments for the maturation of source rocks.

Keyword: Magnetic Survey, Source Rocks, Oil Seeps, Faults, Folds, Interpretation.

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