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Determining of Environmental Laboratory Locations Using Analytical Hierarchy Process Method in West Java Province

Article Category: Industrial Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2020.33740

Pages: 21-30

Author: Hamdani Aris Sudrajat,Zulfa Fitri Ikatrinasari

Abstract: The province of West Java is one of the largest industrial areas in Indonesia. But there are threats that could disrupt industrial activity in West Java, one of the threats to environmental quality. An important factor influencing the effectiveness and efficiency of environmental management in the area is whether or not a laboratory exists. UP Ltd. is an environmental laboratory services company established since 1990 and located in South Jakarta. Looking at the state of West Java, the company is interested in developing its business by opening a branch in West Java Province. Opening a new branch location or location factor is an important factor. Therefore, this study is a study of branch office location using the Analytical Hierarchy Process method approach as a decision support system to determine alternative locations according to the criteria and sub-criteria set by the company. Data processing result using AHP that Location 03 has the biggest weight with a value of 0,53840. Location 02's second order with a value of 0,25719, and an alternative location who has the lowest weight Location 01 value of 0,20103.

Keyword: Analytical Hierarchy Process, Environtmental Laboratory, Cost, Location, Facilities

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