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The Role of Keujruen Blang in Management of Wetland Local Wisdom Perspective (Study of Social Reality on the Rice Farmers Mukim Kuala Daya of Jaya sub-district,  Aceh Jaya Regency)

Article Category: Management Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2020.33773

Pages: 166-181

Author: Teuku Syarifuddin,Agus Sholahuddin,Rofinus Ngabut

Abstract: The purpose of writing this article is to: (1). Describe and analyze the role of Keujruen Blang in Wetland Management Perspective Local Wisdom in Mukim Kuala Southwestern Jaya sub-district of Aceh Jaya, (2). To Describe and analyze the Wetland Management Perspective Local Wisdom in Mukim Kuala Southwestern Jaya sub-district of Aceh Jaya. In answering the research objectives pursued by using the qualitative descriptive approach, with data collection techniques using observation, interview, documentation study and technical FGD. Informant determined purposive sampling. The majority of Indonesian people are farmers who live in rural livelihoods especially paddy rice farming. Modernization of agriculture, on the basis of new agricultural science and technology, one of the targets to be achieved is to increase agricultural production, especially rice. In turn, it can be insurmountable poverty of the majority of the Indonesian people. But behind it the policy of agricultural modernization has affected the social structure of the farming community culture. Based on the research results can be seen that the role of Keujruen Blang in the wetland management perspective of local wisdom in Mukim Kuala Southwestern Jaya sub-district of Aceh Jaya, has undergone a change. Initially the role Keujruen Blang greatly determine as petua blang (regulatory governance fields), Keuneunong (calendar farmed), Meu uroe '(mutual assistance), Kanduri and peusijuek (ceremonial religious rituals) thick done in stages of its work, now has faded with the presence of modern mechanized farming system (seeds, new farming technologies and formal institutions such as P3A). However, paddy farming culture (Meugoe ') still exists as the core culture of a society based on hadih Maja, which contains fundamental values ​​have been expressed as ideology and philosophy of life of farmers, only some parts of the farming culture structural elements are modified. The values ​​of local wisdom in the move will encourage the development of agriculture. Blang Keujruen very decisive role in the implementation of cultural activities blang (paddy). Therefore, this office must Keujruen lap by someone professional and should know the ins and outs of indigenous blang (paddy).

Keyword: Roles, Keujruen Blang, Management, Wetland, Local Wisdom.

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