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Submission opens for Vol 5, Issue2 Feb-19 Issue

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IJASRE uses PORTICO as digital archiving policy. Articles digitally available forever

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Past Issue

Effects of Potassium Fertilizer on Bean growth and Yield parameters

The Effect of Learning Model and Interpersonal Intelligence on Economic Learning Outcomes of Class X Dwiwarna Students High School

Transient Analysis of Production-Inventory System with Different Rates of Production and Random Switching Time

Testing Design Value of CC with Reflective SEM Line Application Data Resistance Design Medical Safety Reserve in Airport Abdul Rachman Saleh Malang, Indonesia

Third-Party Logistics Company Supplier Evaluation using Analytical Hierarchy Process Method: A Case Study in the Manufacturing Industry

Effect of Friction Reynolds Number on Turbulence Modulations in Liquid Flow in the Presence of Dust Particles in a Rotating System

Prediction of Breast Cancer Type Based on Artificial Intelligence Technique

Evaluation of Long Term Performance for Initial Public Offerings using Market Adjusted Cumulative Abnormal Returns (MACAR):  A Case Study of Islamic Finance in Malaysia

Effects of Change Management on the Performance of Firms in Nigeria

 Analysis of Suspended Vibrated Drum, Part II: Improvement Dynamic Model Using Particle Swarm Optimization

A Multi-Criteria Model for Marketing Strategy Selection for Batik Fashion Creative Industry in Indonesia

Imaging the Velocity Structure of Rayleigh Wave in Sulawesi Island Using Ambient Noise Tomography

Optimal Human Resources Allocation in Counter-Terrorism (CT) Operation: A Mathematical Deterministic Model

Simulation Study of Waveguide and Chromatic Dispersion of a Single Mode Step Index Optical Fiber

Detection of Serum Biomarkers In Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients

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