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Submission opens for Vol 6, Issue 1, January-2020 Issue

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IJASRE uses PORTICO as a digital archiving policy. Articles digitally available forever

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Current Issue

Study of Seasonal Variation of Physicochemical Parameters of River Kaduna, Kaduna State Nigeria
The Effect of Principal Leadership, Teacher Performance and Learning Facilities on Student Achievement in SMPN 1 Kepanjen Malang, Indonesia
Job Satisfaction as a Mediating of Leadership Style and Organizational Culture on Employee Performance of Togamas Discount Bookstore, Indonesia
Fuzzy-Based Obstacle Avoidance Control of Mobile Robots Using 3D Camera
Exploring a New Approach of the Population Equivalent Concept through a Detailed Characterization of Grey and Black Waters
Users versus Cloud Service Providers, on the Trust, Threats, Confidentiality and Reliability in Using Cloud Computing Services
Investigation of the Functional Performance Properties and Anti-microbial Behavior of Sports Socks Knitted from Eco-Friendly Materials
The Effect of Financial Technology, Demography, and Financial Literacy on Financial Management Behavior of Productive Age in Surabaya, Indonesia
Comparative Study on Mass loss by the Sun and Energy Available for Utilization between two Tropical Stations in Nigeria
Saccharification of Banana Agro-waste by Isolated Cellulolytic Fungi
An Evaluation of Monetary Policy and Economic Growth in Nigeria (2000 – 2017)
Efficiency of Banzai Biostimulant on the cherries production in healthy and cocoa trees affected by swollen shoot virus: A case study at Petit-Bondoukou Côte d'Ivoire
Performance of Chemical WMA Mixtures – A review
Weighted Moving Average Method for Forecasting of Cryptocurrency Price: A Data Analytical Study on XRP Ripple Cryptocurrency
Development of a Solar Dryer Incorporated with a Thermal Storage Mechanism
Effect of Harvest Date on Technological Yield and Evolution of Hydrocyanic Acid Loss Rate after Transformation of Cassava Root (Manihot Esculenta CRANTZ) from Yacé Variety by Placali and Attiéké Consumed in Côte d'Ivoire
Performance Investigation of Evacuated Tube Collector using Different Nano fluids Applied to Winter Climatic Conditions in Egypt
Evaluation of Microbial Degradation of Crude Oil in a Polluted Tropical Soil
Fault Detection and Isolation of a Three-tank System Using Analytical Temporal Redundancy – Parity Space/Relation Based Residual Generation

Past Issue

Experimental Evaluation of Radiological Hazards in Ceramic Tiles Used in the Jos-South, Area of Plateau State, Nigeria

Comprehensive Study on Investigation on Topology of the Line and Plane

Design and Performance Testing of a Solar Water Heater

Financial Performance Mediating the Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Corporate Value LQ 45

Theoretically and Numerical Resonance Model Analysis of Car’s Tyre using ANSYS

The Effect of Corporate Governance on Earnings Management  through Accounting Conservatism

Design, Fabrication and Performance Analysis of Loopwing Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Bioactive Phenolic Acid Contents Of Nanoparticle Z. Officinale Rhizome Via High-Performance Liquid Chromatography – Solid Phase Extraction (HPLC-SPE) Methods  

Crane Hook Analysis for different Cross-Section using ANSYS

Development and Validation of a Questionnaire on Ethical Consumption among a Moroccan Population

Assessment of Organizational Culture of Selected Construction Companies in Nigeria

Banking Customer Attitudes toward ATM Service in Nepal

Structural Analysis of Compressor Blades for Turbocharger by Using the Different Materials

Fatigue Strength  of Low Carbon Steel  SS400  on Pack Carburizing Treatment with Pinctada Maxima Shell Powder Energizer

The Study of Service Quality and its Relationship on Customer Satisfaction of Nepal Telecom (NT) in Nepal

A Domain-Specific Search Engine: A Case of University of Abuja

Design Calculation of the Optimum Number of Stages in a Binary Distillation Column Using Excel Spread Sheet

CryptoCurrency (Blockchain) Technology as a Means of Leveraging the Nigeria Economy

Forward Kinematics and Performance Test of a Six Degree of Freedom Articulated Robotic Arm

Cybercrime, its Adherent Negative Effects on Nigerian Youths and the Society at Large: Possible Solutions

Design, Fabrication and Performance Test of Axial Flow Hydro Turbine

Impact of Dual co-teaching on the Understanding of Genetics by Grade 12 Pupils at Chambishi Secondary School in Kalulushi District of Zambia

On-Line non-intrusive Monitoring of Particulate Solid Materials in Gas Flowlines Using Acoustic Sensor and ML Techniques

Experimental Investigation of Segregation of Granular Materials using the vibrational phenomenon

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