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Submission opens for Vol 6, Issue 4, April-2020 Issue

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IJASRE uses PORTICO as a digital archiving policy. Articles digitally available forever

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Past Issue

Food Contamination: A Primer

Hydraulic modeling of flooding in the Wadi Guigou watershed, Middle Atlas (Morocco)

Determining of Environmental Laboratory Locations Using Analytical Hierarchy Process Method in West Java Province

The Phenomenon of Taxpayer's Response to Tax Amnesty Policy at KPP Pratama Jakarta Cengkareng

Investigating the Performance of Ghana’s Locally Produced Alcohol (Akpeteshie) in Stripping Gold-Loaded Carbon

Variation of Manganese Oxide Textures and Geochemistry with Rock Association at the Yakau Area, Ghana

Job Satisfaction Dominates The Influence of Leadership and  Work Environment on Work Spirit

Determination and Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals Concentrations collected from Indoor houses at Lagos State of Nigeria

Analysis on Results Comparison of Feature Extraction Methods for Breast Cancer Classification

Review of Literature on Teaching and Learning Geometry and Measurement: A Case of Ghanaian Standards-Based Mathematics Curriculum

Probiotic Lactobacillus species Inhibitory Effect on The Growth of Oral Streptococci

Study of Anthropometric and Biological parameters in a Diabetic Population of Casablanca, Morocco

The Effect of Price Perceptions and Product Quality on Interest and its Impact on Purchase Decision Fabric Glove Sikka Motive in Maumere

Consumption of light products and prevalence of Obesity among a population of Academics in Casablanca, Morocco

The Role of Keujruen Blang in Management of Wetland Local Wisdom Perspective (Study of Social Reality on the Rice Farmers Mukim Kuala Daya of Jaya sub-district,  Aceh Jaya Regency)

Image Encryption Using Modification Blowfish Algorithm

Knowledge and Practice of Injection Safety in Routine Immunization among Health Care Workers in Primary Health Care Centres in southwest Nigeria

Pilot Contamination Mitigation in Massive MIMO Systems-based 5G network

Analysis of Security Challenges along Commercial Water Routes of Bayelsa State, Nigeria

The Effect of Professionalism, Leadership Style, Organizational Commitment and Locus of Control on Auditor Performance   (Study at a Public Accounting Firm in Jakarta)

Investigating Various Grouping Strategies in Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

Predicting On-road Traffic Congestion from Public Transport GPS Data

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