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The policy of peer review 
International   Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering, review employs double blind reviewing, where both, reviewers and author, remain anonymous throughout the process. 

Peer Review Process 
Manuscripts that are not instantly rejected are sent out for peer review, usually to two independent reviewers who are determined by the Co-Editor, responsible for the scientific area that the manuscript deals with. Manuscripts may also be sent out for statistical review. The peer review process takes place entirely on  IJASRE Editorial Management Platform, where all reviewers are registered as well. Reviewers are chosen from the Journal's reviewers list or, when necessary, after an online search, according to their expertise. 

Reviewers are asked to evaluate the manuscript's originality, methodology, contribution to the literature, presentation of results and support for the conclusions, and appropriate referencing of previous relevant studies. They might accept the manuscript, reject the manuscript or might require a minor or major revision for style and/or content. For the publication of papers, two positive reviews are required. In case one reviewer's report is negative while the other is positive, the paper is forwarded to a third reviewer for additional evaluation. 

When a revision is recommended by the reviewer or reviewers, the author(s) are obliged to proceed to make those proposed adjustments to their paper, taking into consideration their specific feedback and suggestions, and then resubmit the revised version of the manuscript within a week. Revised manuscripts resubmitted after this deadline of one week will be considered as a new submission and peer review process will start from the beginning. Reviewers may request more than one revision of a manuscript. Manuscripts which are not accepted for publication are not resent back to their authors. To facilitate timely publication, referees are asked to complete their reviews within 1-2 weeks. After collecting the referees' reports, the Co-Editor makes a recommendation on the acceptability of the paper to the Editor-in-Chief.

The author(s) that submit a paper to the International   Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering is considered as accepting all above-mentioned peer review conditions and procedures. 

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