Improving Impact Strength and Water Absorption Properties of Enset Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composite


  • Fitsum Adiraro Dunisho Dire Dawa Institute of Technology Dire Dawa University, Ethiopia
  • Tamana Dabasa Badasa Dire Dawa Institute of Technology Dire Dawa University, Ethiopia
  • Balasundaram K Dire Dawa Institute of Technology Dire Dawa University, Ethiopia



Natural Fiber, Polyester Resin, Alkali Treatment, Impact Strength, Water Absorption


This study investigated the utilization of natural Enset fiber which is extracted from a perennial herbaceous plant cultivated in southwestern Ethiopia as reinforcement in Polyester resin matrix for non-load bearing structural elements. The composite samples have been developed by manual hand layup followed by a compression technique. The fiber was treated with a 5wt% NaOH solution (Alkali treatment) for better fiber-matrix adhesion. The fiber percentages (10wt%, 20wt% and 30 wt% by weight) were used for the preparation of the composite. Impact strength and water absorption properties of both raw and alkali-treated fiber-based composite were studied. The result obtained shows that NaOH solution treatment has a positive effect on the impact strength and water absorption properties of the composite. For raw fiber-based composite optimum impact strength was recorded at 20wt% fiber content. However, for treated fiber-based composite highest value was obtained at 30wt% fiber content. For both raw and treated fiber-based composite water absorption is directly proportional to fiber content and it is high for raw fiber-based composite


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