Effects of Anthropogenic Activities on the Surface Water Quality of Idim Esiere Ebom Stream in Calabar South Lga, Cross River State, of Nigeria


  • Otu Amika Rivers State University, River State Nigeria.
  • Charles Obunwo Rivers State University, Nigeria
  • Ndokiari Boisa Rivers State University, Nigeria




Calaba, Water Quality, Sediments, Heavy Metals, Physicochemical Parameters


The Idim Esiere Ebom Stream is a major source of freshwater in Garden street, Calabar South LGA of Cross River State,  Nigeria, as well as a spring of potable water to the residents. However, there is the dearth of scientific information on the water quality of the stream; Thus, the need to evaluate its water quality. To this end, the effects of the physicochemical characteristics of the water quality and some heavy metals of the surface water and sediments of the Idim Esiere Ebom stream were studied. In this study, samples of the surface water and sediments were collected from 5 different stations of the stream monthly for 6 months (March-August) representing early wet (EW) season (March to May) and Peak wet (PW) season (June to August). The mean levels of the spatial and temporal distribution of Physicochemical parameters (pH, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Salinity, Total dissolved Solids, Electric conductivity, Turbidity, Biochemical Oxygen Demand) of surface water and heavy metals (Iron, Copper, Lead, Chromium, Cadmium and Nickel) of the surface water and sediments were determined. The results from the analysis were compared with national and international standards. From the results obtained, it was observed that levels of most physicochemical characteristics and heavy metals exceeded the permissible limits. In conclusion, the anthropogenic activities into the stream has an impact in some stations of the stream.


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