The Effect of the Pressure and the Density on the Air Fuel Ratio for Thermal Power Plant


  • Prosper NDIZIHIWE University of Rwanda, Rwanda
  • Dr. Burnet Mkandawire University of Malawi,, Malawi
  • Dr. Venant Kayibanda University of Rwanda, Rwanda



Air Fuel Ratio , Pressure, Temperature, Density, Combustion


The control of the air-fuel ratio (AFR) is critical for the efficiency of the combustion. This is for achieving the better performance of the plant and result in high output energy. Different parameters influence AFR. This paper models the AFR as a function of the inlet temperature, density, and pressure. Formulated models have been checked using recorded data from the site. The results show that the AFR increases by 1.5 units as the pressures of the gas increase by 0.6 bars but when it reaches 2.9 bar, AFR starts to decrease, 0.9% of the increase of the density leads to the decrease of the AFR of 0.4 in average. 3.5oC rise of inlet temperature lift the AFR by 0.2; however, it starts to decrease when the temperature reaches 78oC.


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