Comparative Analysis of Different Fertilizers Effects on Maize Growth Parameters


  • KWIZERA Chantal University of Burundi, Burandi
  • KABONEKA Salvator University of Burundi, Burandi
  • NDIHOKUBWAYO Soter University of Burundi, Burandi
  • HABONIMANA Bernadette University of Burundi, Burandi
  • NIJIMBERE Severin University of Burundi, Burandi
  • NSENGIYUMVA Prudence University of Burundi, Burandi



Growth parameters, Maize crop, Composts, Maize Fertilizer


Lower soil fertility was identified as a major problem affecting crop yield in Burundi, especially at Bihunge, a hill of Matongo commune Kayanza province. An experiment was therefore carried out with five treatments to assess the effective and economically affordable treatment on maze growth parameters improvement. The experimental has considered five treatments: the control (T1); Compost from maize residues + mineral adjuvant (T2); Compost from maize residues + organic adjuvant based on Calliandra calothyrsus Meisn (T3); ISABU formula for maize fertilization (T4); the maize compost + Calliandra + recommended mineral fertilization for maize (T5)), in randomized complete blocks with three replications for each. The recorded parameters were the leaves number, plant height, stem girth as well as the leaf area. After analysis with SPSS and Advanced Excel, results showed a significant difference between treatments. The treatment T4 was the most effective in improving all growth parameters than others and showed a significant difference from treatments T1, T2, and T3. However, it did not differ to treatment T5 which also significantly differed from other treatments with P<0.05.  Treatment T5 has also effectively enhanced the leaves number, plant height, stem girth, and leaf area as treatment T4, and was in the same variation range as this treatment T4. As the effectiveness of T5 was based on the combination of calliandra which has more potential in improving soil fertility and nutrient followed by better fostering of nutrients to the plant leading to better-improved plant growth, this treatment was considered as the effective and farmer accessible treatment for maize cultivation.


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