Low Light Underwater Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Fusion Histogram Equalization Technique


  • Rafid A. Haleot Mustansiriyah University Baghdad- Iraq




Underwater Images, CLAHE, Color Spaces, Sharpening Filer


One of the main challenges during monitoring the underwater images is unbalanced illumination and poor contrast. These problems added a hazy appearance in the visuals for underwater images. An effective underwater image enhancement fusion algorithm founded on the CLAHE technique for deferent color spaces were used in this article. At first, convert the original underwater image from RGB space to HSV space. Then, the algorithm separately applies CLAHE in this color space. After that, the HSV enhanced images are converted back to RGB spaces. This enhanced image convert to LAB space and sharpening filter is applied to demonstrate the contrast and converted back to RGB spaces. The results of investigational work show that contrasted and the customary enhancement methods of underwater images, such that MSE, UQI and PSNR, of the proposed strategy, are joined ideally. And has been seen that the proposed framework superior to previously existing strategies for improvement of underwater image. It can be seen that the details proposed method of the image that more abundant, image brightness is improved, and the color is more distinct and the image details are clearer.


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