Review: Effects of Using Different Materials on Filtration Process of Wastewater

Review Article


  • Ahmed S. Al Chalabi Southern Technical University, Al Basra, Iraq
  • Rafi M. Qasim Southern Technical University Al Basra, Iraq
  • Abdulameer Q. Hasan Southern Technical University Al Basra, Iraq



Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Filtration, Sand Filter


In many low-income countries, access to improved sanitation is frequently lacking and nearly 90 percent of sewage is discharged without treatment into water bodies. Even with the immense social and technical developments, many researchers around the world still concentrate on pollution issues. Filter unit which consist of single media or mixed media can be improve by using different material with various physical and chemical properties, so, this property must have positive influence when mixed with original material of filter or in the other word the new material must promote, also alter the hydraulic and environment behavior of filter unit and this will reflect on treatment coast of wastewater and drinking water regardless the source. The inequality in physical and chemical properties of mixed or added material must increase the operation efficiency by reduce the virus and pathogenic, also increase the removal of suspended solid, diminish the water salinity and reduce the concentration of harmful materials. Over all the modified filter unit must work with satisfactory level as compared with standard filter unit considering the operation and maintenance coast. In general, the modification in filter unit lead to the dramatic increase in removal of total suspended solid with increase in COD and BOD5 level, also increase the removal of chemical material.


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