A Survey of Internal Combustion Engine Condition Monitoring and Fault Detection Techniques


  • Sabry Allam Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Mohammed Abdo Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt
  • Mohamed Khairy Helwan University




Internal Combustion Engine, Fault Detection, Instantaneous Speed, Performance Parameter, Oil Analysis, Vibration Signal


The internal combustion engine is the heart of cars, trucks, and many machines. It is the main source of movement and operation, and it consists of different mechanical sectors. Due to usage and aging, different faults can appear which affect engine operation and managing.  Any small engine fault can turn into a major malfunction if it is not monitored and maintained at the proper time. Therefore, monitoring the performance of motors can save time and costs, improve their performance, and help them operate safely. Fault diagnosis, fault detection, and condition monitoring terms are used to describe similar concepts detection of any abnormality or deviation from the engines or machines normal condition. This paper describes a summary of the existing condition monitoring and fault detection techniques of the internal combustion engine, which are used for information collection to ensure operational safety, performance, reasonable maintenance, pollution prevention, and cost reduction.


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