Influence of PH, Immersion Time and Inhibitor Concentration on the Corrosion Inhibition Characteristic of Citrullus Lanatus Extract on A36 Carbon Steel in A CO2 Saline Solution


  • Afoegba Clement . S Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Nigeria
  • Agbonkhese, Kingsley A National Institute of Construction Technology and Management (NICTM), Nigeria
  • Onobrenufe, Oghenero Thermosteel Nigeria Limited (Analytical/ Environmental Laboratory), Nigeria



Immersion, Inhibitors, Corrosion, Citrullus Lanatus, Characteristics


The use of Watermelon Seed Extract was employed to monitor the corrosion process of A36 Carbon Steel using varying pH (3.15-8.0), Immersion Time (24hrs-120hrs) and Inhibitor Concentration (50-200ppm). A 3.5wt% Sodium Chloride solution was prepared by dissolving 3.5g of NaCl in deionised water. Carbon (IV) oxide gas was bubbled onto the saline solution with the corresponding Ph measured and recorded using a calibrated Ph Meter (HANNA). Varying concentration (50-200ppm) of the Inhibitor was introduced into the Solution. A36 Carbon Steel Coupon was immersed into the CO2 Saline solution of varying PH. Weight Loss and Inhibition Efficiency was employed to test the investigation. Scanning Electron Microscope Analysis on the surface morphology of the Carbon Steel Coupon with and without the Inhibitor was carried out to corroborate the findings.


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