Development of Face Recognition Based Smart Door Lock


  • Sarah Abdullah American university of the Middle East Kuwait, Kuwait



Face recognition, Smart security System, Control System, Raspberry Pi


Nowadays, there is a growing interest in the smart home system using the Internet of Things. One of the important aspects of the smart home system is the security capability which can simply lock and unlock the door or the gate. This paper proposed a face recognition security system using Raspberry Pi which can be connected to the smart home system. The components that we will use for this solution are Raspberry pi, camera, Blynk app, and SD card. The output of the face recognition algorithm is connected to a relay circuit, in which it will lock or unlock the magnetic lock placed at the door. Results showed the effectiveness of our proposed system, in which we obtain around 90% face recognition accuracy. We also proposed a hierarchical image processing approach to reduce the training or testing time while improving the recognition accuracy.


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