Study of the Spatio-emporal Distribution of Monitoring the Abundance and Diversity of Phytoplancton in Ivoirian Marine Waters using Remote Sensing


  • KOUADIO Maffoue University of CoCody
  • BEUGRE Yves University of CoCody, Ivory Coast
  • MOBIO Brice University of CoCody, Ivory Coast
  • DJAGOUA Eric University of CoCody, Ivory Coast
  • KASSI Ahon University of CoCody, Ivory Coast



Phytoplankton Groups, PHYSAT, Spectral Anomaly


In Côte d'Ivoire, knowledge of phytoplankton groups is a crucial issue for the development of economic activities and the prevention of health. It is in this context that was initiated: "study of the Spatio-temporal distribution of the monitoring of the abundance and diversity of phytoplankton in the Ivorian marine waters by remote sensing ». This study showed a great diversity of phytoplankton in the Ivorian marine domain during the years 2009 and 2010. The data used are the concentration of chlorophyll a, the frequency of phytoplankton groups and the distribution of the dominant phytoplankton groups obtained using the MODIS, MERIS, and SeaWiFS sensor. For the processing of these data, the PHYSAT method was used for the identification of phytoplankton groups. The SeaDAS v 7.4 software allowed to process and analyze the data. The spectral anomaly values (Ra) were obtained as well as the spatial distribution of the phytoplankton groups, thus allowing the realization of the maps of spectral anomalies (Ra), and maps of spatial distributions of the phytoplankton groups.


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