Evidence-Based Dentistry: Integration in Predoctoral Curriculum


  • WAHID HO Faculty of University Hassan II, Morrocco
  • BOUOUAL I Faculty of University Hassan II, Morrocco
  • ANDOH A Faculty of University Hassan II, Morrocco




Evidence-Based Dentistry, Therapeutic decision-making


Scientific evidence is one of the fundamental principles of dental practice. Evidence-Based Dentistry (EBD) integrates the use of the best evidence by taking into consideration the expertise of clinicians and the needs and preferences of patients to inform therapeutic decision-making. Therefore, the practitioner needs to acquire this skill. Considering the constant development of new therapeutics, and technologies and the demand for quality of treatment in contrast to the lack of training in this field, the integration of EBD in the curriculum has become a necessity.

Our work aims to define the interest of EBD, to make an inventory but also to highlight the applicability of evidence-based dentistry by focusing on the organizational aspect and the various constraints that can accompany the integration of EBD in the learning of dental students.

Materials and methods: A search and review of the literature were conducted to highlight the importance of the acquisition of this skill and its application in the field.

Results: The integration of critical thinking and EBD into the undergraduate curriculum prepares graduates to maintain a state-of-the-art evidence-based clinical practice.

EBD has the potential to change the future course of oral health education, patient care, reimbursement, research programs, and evidence-based health policy.


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