Web-Based Management System for Student Score Passing Grades


  • Ruthmana Purba IKPIA Perbanas Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Pratiwi Rachmadi IKPIA Perbanas Jakarta, Indonesia




Information Systems, Academic Administration, Scores, Students, Teachers


In the current digital era, all schools from elementary to tertiary levels certainly require computer equipment and supporting applications to support teaching and learning activities. One indicator of learning success is seen from the students or their learning outcomes. Learning outcomes are the success achieved by students, namely student learning achievements in schools that manifest in numbers or grades. Many schools in managing grades currently use a media system for storing student data, teacher data, class data, lesson schedule, and score data that are still done offline without a database, as well as what happened at the Santa Ursula Junior High School of Jakarta. Filling in the assignments, daily tests, semester test scores, and final semester examinations is always done in writing on paper, which results in a slow score calculation process, so it takes a long time. Based on this condition, the researchers designed and created a web-based information system that precisely handled the management of student scores and printed them out. The design of the grading management information system for the academic administration of grading management was built using the PHP programming language with a database with MySQL and XAMPP Server. This system aimed to facilitate the academic administration of schools, teachers, students, and homeroom teachers.


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