Modelling and Simulation of Acceleration Model of Small Electric Motor Vehicle


  • Dr Ramesh Pungle Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, P. E. S. College of Engineering, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India



Modelling, Torque-speed characteristics , Simulation


This paper presents the development of a mathematical model for tractive effort and acceleration of a small electric motor vehicle/car which is propelled by a permanent magnet direct current (PMDC) motor. The proposed vehicle acceleration model is obtained from torque-speed characteristics of the (PMDC) motor. The model is simple and it has only two vehicle parameters Ka, Kv. The vehicle parameters used in simulation are predetermined considering floor slopes. The acceleration model is simulated in MATLAB for various floor slopes and simulation performance results are presented for the vehicle that is moving on floors like flat, upslope, downslope, etc. The vehicle parameters Ka and kv are determined with consideration of various forces that are acting on the vehicle when it is moving on different slopes. These parameters can be used in mobile robot or automated guided vehicle (AGV) navigation and also for prediction of the vehicle path


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Pungle, D. R. (2023). Modelling and Simulation of Acceleration Model of Small Electric Motor Vehicle. International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering (IJASRE), ISSN:2454-8006, DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE, 9(3), 10–19.