The Vibration Control of Cantilever Beam with Multiple Cracks


  • Geethu Lal
  • Alice Johny2


Cracking, Dynamic Characteristics, Free Vibration, Vibration Control, ANSYS, Natural Frequencies.


Cracks often develop in structural members and cracking can cause serious durability issues as well as structural damage. Cracks influence dynamic characteristics of the structural members and have been the subject of many investigations. In the present work, a numerical study using finite element method is performed to investigate the transverse free vibration response of a cracked isotropic cantilever beam using ANSYS. A parametric study is also carried out to assess the influence of crack depth ratio, location of cracks and number of cracks on the first three natural frequencies of the beams. Vibration control studies are also carried out. The results can be utilised to locate cracks and cracking intensity within a remote or massive structure by real-time monitoring of ambient vibration data.




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