Probiotic Lactobacillus species Inhibitory Effect on The Growth of Oral Streptococci


  • Wah Wah Than
  • Saw Sandar Maw
  • Zaw Khaing Oo
  • Reemon Htun



Lactic Acid Bacteria, Antibacterial Activity, Dental Caries, Oral Streptococci, Biochemical Identification.


Oral and dental infections are among the most prevalent infections of man. All people suffer from dental caries at some phase of
their life span. The mouth is indeed an important source of infections and poor oral health affects a variety of systemic diseases.
The aim of this research is to isolate, identify acid-producing lactic acid bacteria (LAB) from fermented fruits juice and followed
by the 16S rRNA gene sequences of the isolated bacterial strains Lactobacillus Plantarum S1, Leuconostoc mesenteroides (SC
and PP) and Burkholderia cenocepia NP were compared with reference strain sequences. Oral Streptococci were important in
the etiology of dental caries. We targeted for isolation and biochemical identification of oral bacteria (isolates grown in SMAB
agar) and screened antibacterial activity (agar well diffusion assay) of Lactobacillus species against oral Streptococci. Two Lactobacillus isolates (S1 and PP) were observed to behave a good antagonistic activity against oral Streptococcus strain with
differences in the size of inhibition zone (mm). The zone diameter of NP broth against Streptococcus sp. was 10 mm. Oral Streptococci was not inhibited by SC broth. In this study, Leuconostoc mesenteroides (PP) showed the highest inhibition zone
(13 mm) against oral Streptococci.



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Wah Wah Than, Saw Sandar Maw, Zaw Khaing Oo, & Reemon Htun. (2020). Probiotic Lactobacillus species Inhibitory Effect on The Growth of Oral Streptococci. I. J. Of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering-IJASRE (ISSN: 2454 - 8006), 6(3), 125-129.