Testing Design Value of CC with Reflective SEM Line Application Data Resistance Design Medical Safety Reserve in Airport Abdul Rachman Saleh Malang, Indonesia


  • Puguh Yudho Trisnanto
  • Diniyah Kholidah
  • Ganif Djuwadi
  • Rizky Fadila
  • Zani Pitoyo




Medical record, Design, Information system, ID hosting


In-flight safety services are currently a top priority that cannot be separated from in-flight service components. Each airline has in-flight safety services, to provide services in accordance with Aviation Safety Law Regulations. Management of aviation safety
management services ranging from information submitted to airline users with accurate and accountable information on the truth of the data provided. The purpose of this study is to provide an overview Web-based application design data passenger medical record of in-flight safety services using ID Hostinger. Medical record data that is known by the public is only located in the hospital and is the patient's medical record data that is vital in the management of medical record data as a whole. An in-flight safety service includes: 1) providing passenger medical record information when departing and departing according to the intended flight destination. 2) Provide ease of passenger data to the airlines used, to provide in-flight safety services with medical record data of passenger data to obtain. The health service is in accordance with the intended Hospital and in accordance with the condition of the last complaint of the passenger. 3) Provide ease of passengers to claim health insurance in case of an accident with medical record data that has been integrated with the intended hospital. 4) Provide insurance claim information to the airlines in accordance with the medical record data and the intended hospital passengers. So it can be in the number of insurance claims that will be issued by the airlines in the event of an accident. The limitations of the problem in this study only describe how the in-flight safety service system uses airline passenger medical record data. By using airplane ticket purchasing system at each of the designated airline ticket counter and in cooperation with related Hospital and insurance party to claim medical expenses in accordance with the diagnosis of passenger medical record and patient's medical history at the time of input
by medical record officer in each counter integrated with the Hospital and passenger insurance. Web-based application prototype of the in-flight safety medical record data is run on the Server ID Hosting server.



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Puguh Yudho Trisnanto, Diniyah Kholidah, Ganif Djuwadi, Rizky Fadila, & Zani Pitoyo. (2019). Testing Design Value of CC with Reflective SEM Line Application Data Resistance Design Medical Safety Reserve in Airport Abdul Rachman Saleh Malang, Indonesia. I. J. Of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering-IJASRE (ISSN: 2454 - 8006), 5(1), 19-27. https://doi.org/10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33041