Banking Customer Attitudes toward ATM Service in Nepal


  • Prakash Shrestha



ATM, Responsiveness, Convenience, Ease of Use, Speed, Nepal


This research aims to examine factors influencing customer attitudes toward ATM service. This research followed the descriptive
research design for fact-finding and identifying adequate information about factors influencing customer attitudes towards ATM
service in Nepalese commercial banks. This study is based on primary data. For the survey, 150 questionnaires were distributed to
ATM user customers. Out of 150, only 121 (80.67%) usable questionnaires were returned. The results show that most of the customers have positive attitudes towards ATM services in terms of responsiveness, convenience, ease of use, and speed. It is
evidenced that Nepalese commercial banks have adopted ATMs as the way for providing efficient and effective services to their


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Prakash Shrestha. (2019). Banking Customer Attitudes toward ATM Service in Nepal. International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering (IJASRE), ISSN:2454-8006, DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE, 5(12), 88–93.