The Study of Service Quality and Its Relationship on Customer Satisfaction of Nepal Telecom (NT) in Nepal



Service quality; Customer Satisfaction; SERVQUAL model.


The main purpose of this study is to explore the impact of the dimensions of service quality on the perceived performance of
Nepal Telecom phone users in Kathmandu valley of Nepal. The study has used the five service quality dimensions of SERVQUAL model. These five dimensions of service quality which were developed by Parasuraman namely tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy where used to measure the level of customers satisfaction in Nepal Telecom users. The study uses quantitative approach and done different descriptive and correlation analysis tools. Both descriptive and explanatory analysis is being used in this research. A questionnaire was designed and distributed to 200 respondents using a probabilistic sampling technique. Both descriptive and inferential statistics have been used to find out the mean score and correlation between the service quality dimensions with satisfaction level and to test the hypothesis. According to the findings of the study all the five dimensions of service quality have shown a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction. Pearson correlation analysis was carried out to examine the relationship between service quality dimensions and customer satisfaction and the results shows that all five dimensions have a strong positive relationship, reliability (0.587) and empathy (0.556) are first two dimensions which have strong and positive significant impact on customer satisfaction. As for the recommendation that has come up for this study is that telecom operator should heavily focus on ways to provide satisfaction to customers so that they stay with their network for longer period of time. Since telecom companies do not provide tangible products, their service quality is usually evaluated by measures of the service-provider’s relationship with customers. The main factors of customer satisfactions are network coverage, billing method, customer care center, promotion and value-added schemes, delivery of SMS & MMS quality.


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