Mbe in the history of mankind XVIIIth -XXth Centuries




Mbe, Teke kingdom, Congo, History.


In the XIXth century, the movements of discovery and exploration engaged by explorers commissioned by European governments allowed to take possession of territories situated in black Africa in general and in Central Africa especially. For, Stanley occupied a vast territory for the King of Belgium, Leopold II, and Belgium. For France, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, a French explorer from Italian origin Italian occupied a vast territory in Central Africa. After his second trip, Brazza managed to create Franceville in June 1880 in Teke countries on  September 10, 1880, Brazza, signed in with the Teke king in Mbe the capital of the kingdom a treaty of friendship according to which that This vast territory was made under the control of France. In October 1880, Brazzaville city was born. Since the signature of the Treaty of Friendship, the city of Mbe, the political capital of Teke Kingdom has entered the contemporary history of humanity. The Teke kingdom is one of the kingdoms that marked the history of Black Africa and the one that remains the most alive in the memory of the African peoples, regarding its geographical location in the heart of Central Africa, but also by its extent and by the power of its kings. The history of this Teke metropolis will be known through the reports of the different missions carried out by European explorers, missionaries and European travelers and it is important to emphasize that the history of the Teke kingdom is inseparable from the work of the explorer PS De Brazza and the history of  Congo.



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