Role of Biomedical Engineering for Diagnose and Treatment



Biomedical Engineering, Medical devices, Diagnostic, Therapy, Invasive technologies


Biomedical Engineering is the rising field in medical science by involving the knowledge of biology and medicine in combination with the principals of engineering to develop devices and procedures which can solve the greatest number of medical and healthrelated problems in this modern world. When technology merges with medicine it proceeds throughout healthcare from diagnosing, analysis for treatment and recovery as well as medical devices which were implemented such as artificial hips, pacemakers, prostheses (missing body parts replaced by artificial devices), medical information system and 3-D printing technology of biological organs. As the disease progress in time, the development of Biomedical Engineering application is well used to diagnose and treat the patients, therefore, the impact of biomedical engineering does not only improve the quality of life, however, it also saves lives. Additionally, industrial engineering and operations management methods are perfectly well-matched to solve the problems that arise from the health care system among patients, community groups, health professionals, industry, and governments.The theme of this review article is to provide a standard information about Biomedical Engineering applications towards the healthcare by expressing its availability and its results which are up-to-date. The innovation also establishes how successful does it takes part in medical science and yet research to be done for unsuccessful cases.




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