Re-layout of Material Storage Room at PT. Andalan Fluid System with Allocation Area Diagram Method


  • Suradi
  • Ahmad Hanafie
  • Andi Haslindah
  • Saripuddin M
  • Jaja



Re-layout, Area Alocation Diagram, Material Handling Cost.


The redesign of this layout aims to provide information on improvements to the material storage space (warehouse) at PT. Andalan Fluid System (PT. AFS), can be more effective and efficient both from the outside, material handling costs, and workers. The condition of placement of irregular / unregulated material makes the condition ineffective and dangerous, material handling costs become larger and difficult to measure due to searching time and longer, there is also no clear identity on the material or storage location. The data used, the measurement of the area directly storing the data and looking for supporting data from the area owner, the method used in making the Re-layout is the area allocation diagram (AAD) by first calculating material handling costs (OMH) and making tables from the chart (FTC) and priority scale table (TSP). From the results of the research and analysis of the initial (existing) layout the company requires material handling costs of Rp. 65,431,026,54 with a number of matrices of 580 Pcs, and the weight of 23,457, 57 Kg, while the results obtained from the layout of 1 material handling costs became Rp. 40,242,822.12 -, in the strategic layout 2 the cost of material handling was Rp. 42. 578,302.60-, but in a better and more optimal layout of space, from a better safety factor than the initial conditions.




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Suradi, Ahmad Hanafie, Andi Haslindah, Saripuddin M, & Jaja. (2018). Re-layout of Material Storage Room at PT. Andalan Fluid System with Allocation Area Diagram Method. International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering (IJASRE), ISSN:2454-8006, DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE, 4(11), 224–233.