Dating Violence: Descriptive Study of Adult Women in Jakarta City, Indonesia


  • Qurrota Ayun
  • Dr. Ira Puspitawati
  • M. Si



Attitudes towards dating violence, Dating violence, Emerging adult.


This study aims to describe attitudes towards dating violence to emerging adult women victims of dating violence who still maintain relationship, for women living in the sub-urban area of Jakarta. The study used descriptive quantitative method with the subject of 120 women which has the following characteristics; adult age 18-22 years, had experienced forms of violence from the current partner, and still maintain relationships. Technique used is purposive sampling. The measured in this study are forms of attitude aspects of Azwar's theory (2015), namely: cognitive, affective, and conative. Collaboration also measures on the side of dating violence from Wolfe's theory (2001), namely: physical violence, sexual violence, verbal and emotional violence, violence in relationships, and violence in threatening forms.Based on the results of the study, it is obtained that the empirical mean of 90.43 with the hypothetical mean of 108 can be concluded in general that the attitude toward dating violence in women in the moderate category. This shows that there are respondents who accept or reject violence in dating. Based on the background of the respondents identities who tend to reject dating violence based on the results of the background for respondents aged 18 years, tribal respondents from Minangkabau, the difference between respondents and their partners is 4 and 8 years, if the couple does not have a job or unemployment, the religion of different religions with this case is couples are Hindu, and in a combination of sexual and relationships violence. Results of this study describe conditions in the region and can not be generalized to others. However, the results of this study can be considered as a factor that influences a condition if it is similar to a phenomenon like this.




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Qurrota Ayun, Dr. Ira Puspitawati, & M. Si. (2018). Dating Violence: Descriptive Study of Adult Women in Jakarta City, Indonesia. International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering (IJASRE), ISSN:2454-8006, DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE, 4(11), 272–278.