Study on Critical Performance Factors Affecting Kochi Metro Rail project


  • Aswathi P Research Scholar, Cochin College of Engineering and Technology, Valanchery, Kerala India
  • Anju Wilson Professor, Cochin College of Engineering and Technology, Valanchery, Kerala India



Light Metro system, Public Transport System, Metro rail, Relative Important Index Factor


We are living in a fast-developing society. Every day new technology and development in our locality. The communication system and transportation mechanism connect people around the world so easily with utility of less time, cost and comfort. This kind of development also increases the standard of living of people. Rapid urbanization and intense commercial developments in the recent past have resulted in steep rise in travel demand, putting Kochi’s transport infrastructure to stress. Experience has shown that, in cities like Kochi where roads do not have adequate width and which cater to mixed traffic conditions comprising slow- and fast-moving vehicles, road transport can optimally carry 8,000 persons per hour per direction (phpdt). There is an urgent need to introduce a light Metro system in the city to provide fast, safe, economic, and environment-friendly mode for mass movement of passengers. With growing population and mega development plans coming up for this port city, the travel demand is expected to grow steeply. With inadequate public transport services, passengers will shift to private modes, which is already evident from the high ownership trends in the region.  This will not only aggravate the congestion on the city roads but will also increase the pollution level.  Here is the study focusing on the factors affecting the performance of the Kochi Metro Construction Project. 


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