Design and Construction of Infrared Remote Controller for Multiple Home Appliances


  • Kalayar Win Technological University (Maubin), Myanmar
  • Ni Ni Win Magway University, Myanmar



Arduino UNO, IR Sensor, 20x4 LCD Display, Relay


The infrared (IR) remote control devices are used to operate in the most of modern household applications, such as television, DVDs, Set top box, Home theatre and air conditioner etc. With the development of the society and smart home, there are more and more home appliances and more infrared remote control devices used to operate them. A single IR remote controller can’t be used to manipulate the different kinds of home appliances; as they are not compatible which leads to the wastage of resources. This paper propose an applications and design of Arduino based IR remote control system, which can control multiple devices, code and decode all of the infrared remote control protocol. In this system, we are using IR based wireless communications for controlling home appliances. Arduino is used for controlling whole the process. The remote control transmits a beam of light using an infrared light emitting diode; this light is picked by the IR sensor. After receiving signal from IR remote, Arduino sends related signal to relays which are responsible for switching ON or OFF of the home appliances through a relay driver. The circuit present in this work is designed to control the six electrical devices such as TV, fan, motor, electric bulb, light tube, and CFL to turn on or turn off from a distance using remote control. The program for this project is written in C language and uploaded into the memory of the microcontroller on Arduino board by Arduino IDE window software.


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Kalayar Win, & Ni Ni Win. (2020). Design and Construction of Infrared Remote Controller for Multiple Home Appliances. International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering (IJASRE), ISSN:2454-8006, DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE, 6(5), 82–87.