Reliable Loan Information System Using Eager Replication


  • Mar Mar Soe University of Computer Studies (Loikaw), Kayah State, Myanmar
  • Yin Yin Cho University of Computer Studies (Meiktila), Mandalay Division, Myanmar



Data replication, Lazy and Eager replication, Primary Copy, Linear Interaction


Replication is the process of sharing information so to ensure consistency between redundant resources, such as software or hardware components. One of the challenges in database replication is to introduce replication without severely affecting performance. Because of this difficulty, current database products use lazy replication, which is very efficient but can compromise consistency. As an alternative, eager replication guarantees consistency but most existing protocols have a prohibitive cost. In the distributed systems community, software-based replication is seen as a cost-effective way to increase availability. Depending on the application, data to be replicated may be stored in a file or a file collection, a database or a database table, or an object stored in a file or in a database. This system is applied eager replication method for loan databases in loan organizations. This system can support reliable replicated data for the loan system between replicated databases.


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